(Labor Only)
Service Charges Price
Per Man Hour $40.00
Per Man Hour & Machine Hour $50.00
Minimum Charge Per Gun $35.00
Written appraisals, cost estimates $30.00
Clean & Oil Customer Gun Consisting of
  • completely stripping gun,
  • cleaning all parts,
  • checking for wear,
  • making suggestions to a customer of services needed to put in A-1 condition
Metal Checkering - Rate Hourly Rate
Engine - Turning Bolt Hourly Rate
Engine - Turning Small Parts Hourly Rate
Draw - Filing (per man hour) Hourly Rate

Sight Work

Sight In Customer Gun
  • (Does not include cost of ammo, targets, etc.)
Bore Sighting Customer Gun $20.00
Pattern Shotgun
  • (Does not include cost of ammo, targets, etc.)
Drill and Tap Barrel or Receiver For Sights (Per Hole) $20.00
Install Front Sight Ramp
Sweat-on type $50.00
Screw-on type (including drill & tap) $40.00
Band Type Hourly Rate
Install Insert In Pistol Sight $30.00
Install Front or Mid-Rib Bead On Shotgun (Plus cost of sight) $20.00
Plug hole and re-drill for bead $30.00
Install Receiver Sights
Gun drilled and tapped $20.00
Scope Mounting
Gun drilled and tapped $35.00

General Barrel, Action & Rifle Work

Check Headspace $35.00
Make Chamber Cast $50.00
Remove Stuck Fired Case From Chamber Hourly Rate
Remove Live Round From Chamber $65.00
Remove Obstruction From Bore Hourly Rate
Remove Fouling From Barrel Hourly Rate + Materials
Lap Barrel $50.00
Cut and Crown Barrel - Rifles and Shotguns / Handguns $35.00
Install Pre-Threaded and Chambered Barrel
  • (Does not include setting back barrel or fitting new barrel)
Welding On New Bolt Handle $65.00
Make and Install Spring Hourly Rate
Safeties and Installing
Dakota, Gentry, Mod 70 Type Safety with shrout (+ finishing) $75.00
Mark II/Beuhier type $35.00
Chapman Swing Safety Lever $55.00
Triggers (Installation or Adjustment)
Shilen, Timmey, Dayton-Traister, Moyer type $40.00
Double-Set $100.00
Single-Set $50.00
Install Muzzle Brake $60.00
Recontour Front or Rear Receiver Ring $50.00
Install Barrel Band Swivel Hourly Rate

Shotgun Work

Long Forcing Cone
Non-plated bores, per barrel $40.00
Plated bores, per barrel $50.00
Resolder Rib
  • (Bluing rate not included)
Hourly Rate
Resolder Forend Lug
  • (Bluing rate not included)
Hourly Rate
Straighten/Adjusted Barrel $50.00
Polish Chamber/Bore $35.00
Back-Boring Hourly Rate
Open/Modify Choke
  • (Per barrel or tube, non-plated bores)
Install Screw-In Choke (plus tubes - Colonial, etc.) And (non-plated bore: Win-Choke) $85.00
Port Barrel - Per Barrel $75.00
Refitting Hing Pin Lug $100.00
Muzzle Loader Work
Remove Broken Ramrod From Barrel $25.00

Handgun Work

Chamfer Revolver Barrel $20.00
Chamfer Revolver Cylinder Revolver Action Job
  • Clean, smooth action, not including replacement of parts
Rebarrel Revolver - Remove old barrel, replace with new factor barrel, labor only $50.00
Straighten Crane On Revolver $25.00
Install Crane Lock $30.00
Remove/Modify Revolver Hammer Spur $30.00
Convert Revolver From Square Butt to Round Butt $55.00
Semi-Auto Pistol Action Job - Clean, smooth action, not including any parts $50.00
Tighten Slide of 1911 Auto $60.00
Fit Barrel To 1911 Auto - Not including barrel, Non-Ramped
Barrel $45.00
Ramped Barrel $80.00
Fit and Install Barrel Bushing on 1911 Auto
  • (Does not include cost of bushing)
Bevel Magazine Well of 1911 Auto $20.00
Open and Modify Ejection Part of 1911 Auto Slide $25.00
Throat, Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp of 1911 Auto $25.00
Fit New Trigger to 1911
  • (Does not include cost of trigger)
Fit Custom Hammer to 1911
  • (Does not include cost of hammer)
Install Stake-On Front (without sight) $25.00
Dehorn & Break Edges for Carry
  • (Not including refinishing)
Install Auto Pistol Compensator $90.00

Stock Work Wood Finishing

(Does not include shaping)
Hunter Finish
Unfilled oil or lacquer finish on average stock $90.00
Same finish but on a complicated stock $100.00
Gunsmith Finish
Filled, rubbed oil finish on average stock $125.00
Same finish but on a complicated stock $150.00
Spray Finish
Lacquer or Polyurethane $95.00
Glass Bedding Barrel & Action
Hunting Rifle $70.00
Match Rifles, M-1 Garrand, M1A, etc. $95.00
Pillar Bed $95.00
Install Recoil Pad - Labor Only $35.00
Install Adjustable Butt Plate - Labor Only $60.00
Install Sling Swivels - Std and Q/D $35.00
Install Stock Cross Bolt
  • (Not including refinish)
Install Recoil Reducer
Simple installation in butt stock $25.00
Hydraulic butt plate-style (Gra-Coil or Counter Coil) $75.00
Drill Stock & Install Recoil Reducer $50.00
Inletting and Finishing of Semi-Finished Stock
  • (Not including checkering, recoil pad, special butt plate, grip cap or other attachments)
Fit, Bed, and Finish Fiberglass Stock Blank $175.00
Prefinished Synthetic Stock - Fit and install barreled action $65.00
Install Adjustable Comb Hardware $125.00
Hunting Rifle $70.00